Sogetsu Ikebana いけばな

(Japanese Flower arrangement)


“IKEBANA” , the Japanese traditional art of arranging flowers, started to flourish in the sixteenth century. At first, the emphasis in Ikebana was on the materials and forms as they existed in their natural states.

Sogetsu Ikebana founded in 1927 by Sofu Teshigahara.

The basic principle of Sogetsu is “Ikebana reflrects the person who arranged it”

Through your experience with “Sogetsu IKEBANA”, you can enjoy the sense of season, the combination of colors and fragrance of flowers!

Sogetsu Ikebana is one of largest Ikebana school in Japan, and there are 46 branches in Japan, and 120 of overseas Branches and Study Groups.

「Ikebana」 lesson schedule

Lesson dayEvery other Wednesday
(You can join anytime in the above time.)
2024 schedule Jan 10, 24 / Feb 7, 28 / Mar 13, 27 / Apr 3, 17 / May 1, 22 / Jun 5, 19 / Jul 3, 17 / Aug 7, 28 / Sep 11, 18 / Oct 2, 16 / Nov 6, 20 / Dec 11, 25 / and additional other days(*)

(*) Special lesson days in Dec., for Christmas Wreath and New Year’s decoration.
Lesson fee\3,800 (Lesson fee \2,400+\1,400 for materials – plants and flowers.)
\5,600 for two lessons (using same materials.)
In addition, Enrollment fee of “Salone Fresco” \5,000.
Welcome to the "trial lesson", please contact us!


Instructor:  Ms. Sayo Kuryu(栗生 紗世)
Started training in Sogetsu Ikebana in 1973. Won the rookie of the year title at the Sogetsu instructors exhibition in 1995.
Current activity: Teaching Ikebana at Ichigaya & Azabujuban, and other schools. Display business of Ikebana at several department stores, restaurants, and other public spaces.
Associate instructor/Translator:  Ms.Yoko Yamauchi(山内陽子)
Experienced both Ikenobo and Sogetsu school. Got the teaching certificate of Sogetsu Ikebana in 2008. Established the school, “Salone Fresco” in 2009 which offers such classes as Ikebana, tea ceremony, Color and styling fashion.

You can join with your children!

ContactSalone-Fresco (Ms. Yoko Yamauchi)
Phone: 03-6671-1362
Mobile: 090-6003-8513